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Ace Aquatech installs new stunners at Cedar Crest

November 29, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Ace Aquatech recently installed its Humane Electrical Stunner at one of Canada’s leading trout producers, Cedar Crest Trout Farms.

This is the first trout stunner the company has installed in Canada. The company said its stunning technology is meant to “reshape the narrative around ethical slaughtering processes” in the region.

The in-water electrical stunner has a 100 per cent stun rate with a record for reducing stress at harvest for salmonids, sea bass & bream, yellowtail and tilapia.

“Cedar Crest has established a new standard in Canada for the humane slaughter of farmed trout,” said Sam Bowman, Ace Aquatec’s North America regional manager. “The installation and operation of the electric stunner went smoothly thanks to the resourcefulness of Cedar Crest’s farm team who worked closely with Ace Aquatec’s senior scientist and technicians.”


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