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Atlantic Sapphire puts first 400,000 eggs into Miami facility

Oslo, Norway-listed land-based salmon farming company Atlantic Sapphire has placed its first commercial batch of 400,000 salmon eggs into its Bluehouse hatchery in Miami, Florida.

November 29, 2018
By Tamar Atik

Land-based salmon farming company Atlantic Sapphire has started producing Atlantic salmon at its Miami Bluehouse hatchery nearly eight years after the company was founded. Pictured above is University of Miami graduate Christina.

The company stated an additional 400,000 eggs are scheduled for next week.

“The introduction of 800,000 eggs in the newly constructed, Miami-based Bluehouse hatchery marks an important milestone for the company and for the most environmentally sustainable salmon production method to serve the growing U.S., market,” the company stated in a release.

These batches are the first commercial scale volumes of salmon eggs ever introduced in the state of Florida.

In July, Aquaculture North America (ANA) spoke with Atlantic Sapphire chief executive officer Johan Andreassen about his vision for the company’s future in the U.S., market.

“I think the consumption of salmon here can double over the next 10 years, if done properly,” Andreassen told ANA contributor Matt Jones about his goal of capturing 10 per cent of the U.S., market.

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The company’s three-phase hatchery expansion project will bring total production to nearly 90,000 MT HOG, by 2026.

The company stated it remains on track to deliver its first harvest of 9,500 tons (HOG) annualized production from the U.S., facility in mid-2020.

The recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) at the Miami Bluehouse facility features “a deep-laying artesian aquifer that’s 2,000 feet below, where the water is completely biosecure,” Andreassen told ANA adding that he is not concerned about operating RAS technology on a large-scale.

Atlantic Sapphire is focused on land-raised salmon farming at a local level, and transforming protein production on a global scale.