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BC shellfish industry gets funding boost

July 3, 2017
By Ruth Salmon

A project that will address issues affecting British Columbia's shellfish industry gets funding boost from the provincial government Some funds earmarked for investment in new equipment and expansion of seed oyster production capacity

British Columbia has allocated $200 million to a project that would address issues affecting its shellfish industry, including food supply security and climate change.

The project, called Ocean Acidification Shellfish Industry Seed Supply (OASISS), has the BC Shellfish Growers Association (BCSGA), Vancouver Island University (VIU) and the Hakai Institute (HI) behind it.

VIU is receiving $50,000 to expand its oyster seed production capacity within the Deep Bay Marine Station, which will supply producers with seed that is better adapted to local growing conditions.


BCSGA is receiving $75,000 for new equipment for ocean monitoring and to continue to work with HI to develop baseline data to better understand the local impacts of climate change.

BCSGA will receive an additional $75,000 to work with their members to develop a business case and plan for further investments in food safety improvements, research to better understand foodborne illness in shellfish, business risk management strategies, and economic development opportunities.

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