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BP80 pump for moving large fish long distances

May 25, 2015
By Muriel Hendrix

Biostream BP80 fish pump

The Biostream BP80 has been developed for the safe movement of large fish such as super-smolts and other fish too large for existing 8” pumps whether pumping high densities of fish over long or short distances or operating the system at slow speeds for grading, counting, and vaccinating operations. According to the company specifications, the BP80 design will carry fish up to 1200g for distances up to 2000m.  

The Aqua-Life Fish Pump series was developed to transport live aquatic species without external or internal damage to the species.  As stated in the company website, the pumps are hydraulically driven and constructed of marine alloy aluminum, making them lightweight and easy to move and install for any setup.

Aqua-Life Fish Pumps offer several advantages over fish augers, elevators, or vacuum systems including submersible and non-submersible applications, higher vertical head capabilities – up to 9 meters, pumping and transferring live aquatic species over long distances and easy setups with more possibilities.  


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