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Customizable feeding tables for optimal feeding

August 12, 2020
By Liza Mayer

Custom feeding tables help fish farmers optimize feeding Photo: alvarez / E+ / Getty Images

Portuguese aquaculture nutrition specialist Sparos and research trials expert Riasearch have launched custom feeding tables to help fish farmers optimize feeding according to the targeted fish growth.

The “FiT” feeding tables apply validated scientific models to simulate a given species energy and protein requirements, said Sparos.

Farmers can access the custom feeding tables at A Basic plan to test the FiT feeding table tool is available for free on the website. Fee-based Standard and Pro subscriptions allow users to make their own inputs for a more customized feeding solution.

Sparos says it developed the FiT feeding tables because a one-size-fits-all feeding table does not fit efficient production.


“From the species currently available in the Standard and Pro plans, the rainbow trout is the one of most interest for North American users. In addition, we can implement calibrations according to user requests,” Sparos said.

For feed manufacturers, the tool is useful in generating feeding tables for feed brands.

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