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Deal explores symbiosis between kelp and salmon farming 

November 9, 2021
By Liza Mayer

Cermaq and a kelp producer are studying the potential use of kelp as a new feed raw material for salmon Photo: © divedog / Adobe Stock

Cermaq and Norwegian start-up kelp producer Folla Alger have signed a deal to explore the potential use of nutrients from the salmon cages in kelp farming and the prospects of turning kelp into a new feed raw material for salmon. 

The goal of the research project is to test in full scale a new type of plant for integrated production of salmon and kelp.

The project will look at how the nutrients from the salmon cages are taken up in the kelp, how the kelp production affects the aquatic environment in the cages, and what effect the integrated production has on the health of the fish in the cages. 

In addition, the project aims to develop kelp into a new feed raw material for salmon. 

“Integrated salmon and kelp farming enables us to both utilize nutrients around the farming cages as a resource, and that we get more alternative feed raw materials. It is good circular economy, and will help reduce the footprint from salmon farming,” says Knut Ellekjær, managing director of Cermaq Norway. 

Chairman of the board of Folla Alger, Tarald Sivertsen, says the deal will enable the company to “contribute to the development of a new industry and provide environmental benefits, but also jobs and ripple effects.”

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