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Fish farming is a solid solution to overfishing. Fish farming allows for reduced environmental hazard and steady growth patterns. Aquaculture liners require a special material to offer the balance of properties necessary to best meet those needs. For this reason, Reef Industries created Permalon®, a non-toxic polyethylene membrane ideal for lining ponds, lagoons, tanks, raceways, or other facilities where water management is an investment. This alloyed aquaculture pond liner is specifically engineered to resist punctures and tears to help minimize water loss and land deterioration. Our liners are available in heavy-duty, internally reinforced constructions and are available in 20 mil and 30 mil thicknesses constructed to suit an array of environments. Permalon® liner materials are factory-fabricated up to an acre or more in size minimizing the need for an expensive installation crew. However, if you need a custom-fabricated liner, Reef Industries’ capabilities also include three-dimensional shapes for box and container liners, raceway liners, and waterproofing/rehabilitating all manner of structural containers.

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