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Aanderaa sensors are your eyes below the water, whether or not you are able to go to site. We give you the data you need to manage the site efficiently with our aquaculture monitoring system. Remote operations and next generation fish farms relies on our robust sensors throughout the lifetime of the site. Stand-alone or integrated to existing systems, our solutions fit various site configurations.

Environmental monitoring systems
Know the marine environment with continuous monitoring below the surface. Optimize feed control, remote operation, regular and mandated reporting, and improve fish welfare.

Site survey systems
Rest assure that site surveys are successful by using robust instruments with high data-return rate fulfilling NS9415 and other national standards

Tank based aquaculture
Have trust in our sensors to ensure the fine balance in tank-based aquaculture is maintained. Whether you need to monitor by the water quality by the inlet or outlet, understand flow, oxygen condition or simply need to figure out the currents in the tank.

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