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ICFA launches seafood coalition website after 40 years

The International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (ICFA) has launched its first website, fishcoalition.org. ICFA, formed in 1988, is a collective of national fish and seafood industry associations from the world’s major fishing nations which provides decision-makers with a unified voice on global issues. 

National Fisheries Institute launches sushi council to develop food safety

The National Fisheries Institute has formed a sushi council to enhance product integrity and promote industry-led food safety. The NFI Sushi Council, a pre-competitive stakeholder group, comprises harvesters, processors, distributors, and end-users in retail and food service.   “Sushi has achieved household status and is a major contributor to U.S. seafood consumption,” said Michael McNicholas, chairman of Culimer USA LLC.

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Aquafeed Universe - Sub 1 Millimeter through Pellet

Sinking to floating. Sub-millimeter to pellet. When you select an Extrusion Processing System from Extru-Tech, you have a complete Universe with the ability to maintain size yields over 95%.

In an industry where aquafeed can represent 50% of your operation cost, don’t gamble. Contact Extru-Tech and optimize your flexibility and profitability.
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Growing pains for California kelp

Kelp farming is gaining popularity in the State of California, but the permitting process remains water-logged. Kelp aquaculture can contribute to climate change resilience and help mitigate the effects of climate change by reducing ocean acidification and carbon sequestration. There are also economic gains from kelp and seaweed aquaculture » Read More...

Nova Sea partners with Maritech for cloud software in seafood procurement

Nova Sea is partnering with Maritech Purchase & Sales to upgrade its technological solutions. Maritech Purchase & Sales is a cloud application designed to streamline seafood procurement and sales from any device in Europe and North America. The software is also ideal for wholesalers and traders without their production. » Read More...

Aquaculture suppliers partner for provision of submersible cages

Aquaculture industry suppliers, Smir and Badinotti, have formalized a commercial cooperation agreement for the provision of submersible cages. After meetings and Smir’s on-site exploration of an aquaculture facility featuring Badinotti’s submersible cages, including a visit to the net factory in Slovakia, the collaboration has now been officially established. » Read More...


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Bacteria and Fungi From Fish and Other Aquatic Animals: A Practical Identification Manual, 2nd Edition

This practical book provides an updated resource for the identification of bacteria found in animals inhabiting the aquatic environment, illustrated with colour photos. It contains expanded biochemical identification tables to include newly identified pathogenic and saprophytic bacteria, molecular identification tests now available for a greater number of aquatic bacterial pathogens and much more.
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2024 Mariculture Conference of Alaska

Feb. 26-29, 2024
Anchorage, Alaska, USA
»

Blue Ocean Revolution 2024

Feb. 28-29, 2024
Virtual Event
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