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Cermaq Chile and Poseidon Ocean Systems sign oxygen supply contract

Cermaq Chile has entered into a five-year, four-site agreement for in situ oxygen supply and diffusion to be supplied by Poseidon Ocean Systems.

Benchmark’s CleanTreat systems on well-boats

Benchmark Holdings is collaborating with MMC First Process AS and Salt Ship Design AS that will combine all three companies’ technologies onboard. 

Marine Donut is a closed fish farm at sea

Bluegreen introduces a closed fish farm structure that promises to be cost efficient and has a minimal environmental footprint. 


Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Fish and Shellfish

Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Fish and Shellfish focuses on the diagnosis and control of diseases of fish and shellfish, notably those affecting aquaculture. Divided into 12 chapters, the book discusses the range of bacterial, viral and parasitic pathogens, their trends, emerging problems, and the relative significance to aquaculture. Developments in diagnostics and disease management, including the widespread use of serological and molecular methods, are presented. Application/dose and mode of action of prebiotics, probiotics and medicinal plant products used to control disease are examined, as well as the management and hygiene precautions that can be taken to prevent/control the spread of disease. » Learn more

Better together: Kelp and Salmon

The world’s first industrial-scale sea site, by Folla Alger and Cermaq, built for the combined production of salmon and seaweed, will harvest its first kelp in June, but it began reaping research data as soon as it was stocked in February. » Read More...

Humane slaughter of salmonids easier said than done

Many fish farmers have adopted and implemented slaughter processes which are considered humane, which is important on number of levels, including consumer confidence, public acceptance, product quality, and ethical farming practices. » Read More...

Linda Sams: Past, present and future of salmon farming in B.C.

In this episode, Sams provides a narrative on the history of salmon farming in British Columbia – how it has grown from a community of start-ups into British Columbia’s largest agricultural export – and her insights on a sustainable future for salmon aquaculture. » Read More...



Aquaculture Canada 2023 

May 7, 2023
Victoria Conference Centre
» Learn more

World Aquaculture 2023  

May 29, 2023
Darwin, Northern Territories, Australia
» Learn more