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Seafood veteran, Lauren Enz, founds company to bridge the gap in seafood sustainability

A seafood industry executive, Lauren Enz has founded Searenity Seafoods intending to connect and represent sustainable, land-based farms with end consumers in North America.

Massive fire damages crab-landing facility in Ilwaco Landing

A fire broke out at Bornstein Seafoods' crab-landing facility in Ilwaco Landing, WA on Jan. 22., destroying a large number of crab pots. Pacific County Sheriff's Office said they received a “fire-electrical” call by 11:20 a.m. and although crews tried to reduce the loss, “the facility and pier were too involved to save.”

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The Aquaponic Farmer

Aquaponic farming-raising fish and vegetables together commercially-is the most promising innovation for a sustainable, profitable, localized food system.

Built around a proven 120-foot greenhouse system operable by one person, the book distills vast experience and complete step-by- step guidance for starting and running a cold-water aquaponics business.

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Ingenuity and insult

Native communities are involved in farming finfish, shellfish, and seaweed for economic diversity and cultural preservation—as well as food. As Native American activist Winona LaDuke said a few years ago, “You can’t say you’re sovereign if you can’t feed yourself.” But sometimes, that path forward has been ambushed by politics or obscured by complex technology. » Read More...

Viewpoint: One strong industry, one strong voice

With the 2023 Farm Bill on the horizon, NAA is working feverishly to communicate U.S. aquaculture priorities and get bills introduced that will make a real difference for American farmers. The following federal priorities have been carefully developed through conversations with farmers and national, regional, state and species aquaculture associations across the country and the collective expertise of NAA’s Legislative and Government Relations Committee and Board of Directors.  » Read More...

From the Editor: America on a mission

The New Year is an opportunity to self-reflect. Perhaps, this January/February issue is the editorial team’s version of an industry-wide self-reflection. As is evident in these pages, there are many challenges ahead for the North American industry. But if the industry must face these challenges, I believe that it must also follow that the industry must be well-informed of it. » Read More...



Sea Farmers 2024 Conference

Jan. 25, 2024
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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Aquaculture America 2024

Feb. 18-21, 2024
San Antonio, Texas, USA
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