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NWAA launches campaign spotlighting damage caused by ending net pen fish farming in Washington

The Northwest Aquaculture Alliance has launched a campaign, where Washington fish farming workers are speaking out as the result of DNR Commissioner Hilary Franz’s decision to ban fish farming in state waters.

Cooke acquires Slade Gorton, seafood manufacturer

Cooke Inc. has entered into a binding purchase agreement to acquire Slade Gorton, one of the U.S. largest distributors, importers, and manufacturers of fresh and frozen seafood. T

U.S. bill to slow use of gillnets becomes law

A bipartisan bill to phase out the use of harmful, large mesh drift gillnets in federal waters, has been signed into law.


Tarpons: Biology, Ecology, Fisheries

This book is the latest and most thorough text on the biology, ecology, and fisheries (sport and commercial) of tarpons. The chapters comprise clear, intricate discourses on such subjects as early development and metamorphosis, population genetics, anatomical and physiological features and adaptations, migrations, reproductive biology, and culminate with a concise overview of the world’s tarpon fisheries. A comprehensive appendix includes Spotte’s original translations of important papers published previously by others in Spanish and Portuguese and unavailable until now to English readers.

Tarpons: Biology, Ecology, Fisheries will be of considerable interest and use to fishery and research biologists, marine conservationists, aquaculturists, and informed anglers. » Learn more

High hopes for hybrid

Co-founded by scientists Joth Davis and Dennis Hedgecock, both international experts in shellfish biology and genetics, Pacific Hybreed has developed what it claims is the first-of-its-kind shellfish breeding program creating genetic lines of superstar oysters that can withstand a changing climate, survive diseases, and significantly improve a farm’s production yield. » Read More...


RASTECH 2023  

April 20-22, 2023
Orlando, FL, U.S.
» Learn more

Global Seafood Expo 2023 

April 25-27, 2023
Barcelona, Spain
» Learn more

40th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference  

April 25-28, 2023
Fortuna, California, USA
»