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Stanford research examines relationship between small-scale fisheries and aquaculture

New research out of the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions has examined the trade-offs and potential synergies between small-scale fisheries (SSFs) and aquaculture. The research involved assessing and analyzing 46 different case studies from 30 different countries.

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Although there are historic records of aquaculture in China and Egypt from thousands of years ago, the domestication of farmed fish has a much shorter…

OAA 2024: Ontario ministry vet identifies fish health threats to be wary

Alexandra Reid, lead veterinarian animal health and welfare, at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs said to be proactive about fish health, Ontario farmers must talk about them. At the Ontario Aquaculture Association conference in Orillia, Ont., Canada, Reid gave a presentation on Fish health threats that might scale up in Ontario and how they can be tackled.

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Help us meet your needs!

InWater Technologies’ new LC15 controller provides water quality monitoring with simplified facility control, eliminating the need for expensive SCADA customization. To keep improving, we are asking for your feedback to understand what additional features you would like to see.

Visit our website to learn more or email us at info@inwatertech.com to schedule a call with Kurt and Steph, and we’ll send you a hat!
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Julie Kuchepatov: Promoting gender equality in seafood

While the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to a lot of things including, Julie Kuchepatov’s job, she turned lemons into lemonade by founding Seafood and Gender Equality (SAGE). SAGE is now three years old and it continues to develop initiatives to support companies that need to address gender issues internally. » Read More...

Dr. Stefanie Colombo: Debunking nutritional myths of farmed salmon

Dr. Stefanie Colombo is an associate professor at Dalhousie University and Canada Research Chair in Nova Scotia, Canada. She shares what science says about the nutritional value of farmed salmon and debunks common myths behind farmed seafood. » Read More...
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Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management

The brown trout is an iconic species across its natural European distribution and has been introduced throughout the World. The book offers a comprehensive review of the scientific information and current research on this major fish species. The text explores potential management strategies to maintain numerous damaged populations within its natural distributional range.
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Atarraya’s Shrimpbox wins the Edison Awards

Food tech company, Atarraya Inc., has won the Edison Awards.  Atarraya was recognized for its Shrimpbox technology, designed to solve the problems of traditional shrimp production without antibiotics. “This recognition underlines our unwavering commitment to innovation in sustainable aquaculture,” a LinkedIn post from Atarraya reads. » Read More...

Ace Aquatec appoints new Head of Sales to support growth

Aquaculture technology company Ace Aquatec has appointed a new head of sales.  Ben Perry has over 15 years of experience working across freshwater and marine finfish production, and animal health. He brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for the aquaculture sector to his new role. » Read More...



Aqua Farm 2024

May 14-17, 2024
Gold Coast, Australia
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Aqua Next 2024

June 11-13, 2024
Stavanger, Norway
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