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New camera tech enhances fish monitoring

September 10, 2020
By Liza Mayer

Screen shows areas monitored using SeaSight HD camera technology Photo: Gael Force Group

Gael Force Group of Scotland has unveiled a suite of enhanced camera technology that provides salmon farmers with improved capabilities to monitor feeding and fish activity inside pens.

The new range of products under the SeaSight brand includes a SeaSight HD Camera, which comes with the SeaSight Control software. The company says the system captures underwater video in “crystal clear high definition,” giving farmers greater clarity and control.

The SeaFeed Pellet Detection package can be added to the system as an option. Pellet Detection combines video imagery from the HD Camera and detection algorithms to intelligently pinpoint feed pellets.

These features can, as an option, be fully integrated with the SeaFeed Feed System. The system provides automatic control of feeding. If preferred, a manual-mode option is also available within the system.


“We have invested a significant amount of time and effort bringing together all the elements of the new SeaSight range. It’s fantastic to see our new products and software working in tandem, empowering our customers to feed and care for their fish even more sustainably,” says Gael Force Aquaculture Sales Manager Craig Graham. He added that innovation is high on the company’s five-year growth strategy. “There’s lots more to come,” he said.

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