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Enhanced tool in extrusion toolbox

January 15, 2021
By Liza Mayer

Extrusion technology helps farmers add value to fish byproducts that would have otherwise gone to waste Photo: © ©vipavlenkoff / Adobe Stock

The growing movement toward sustainability has made extrusion technology a vital part of the seafood industry as it enables producers to add value to seafood byproducts and underutilized fish that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Extrusion and drying tech provider Extru-Tech offers seafood producers and processors an option to enhance their extrusion toolbox with a vertical cooler that provides a new level of food safety and cleanability.

The vertical cooler upgrade option focuses on the addition of an Advanced Feature Sanitary Cone.  The new feature is a “cone-in-cone” design that enables 360-degree air entry and provides much greater cleaning access than the internal perforated cone that was very problematic to clean, says the Kansas-based company.

While the primary focus of the upgrade was on the ability to provide a safer, more consistent product, customers should also benefit from less cost and downtime for cleaning and improved cooling ability, it added. Moreover, minimal modification is required to adopt the upgrade because it is the same height as the previous cone, meaning the height of the cooler will not change, and product inlet and discharge points will stay the same, said the company.

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