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Fish feed under bioterrorism surveillance

November 25, 2014
By Erich Luening


The Food Safety Modernization Act is requiring animal food or ingredient facilities to renew their registration for the Bioterrorism Act between October and December, including fish feed makers.

            During even-numbered years, like 2014, food, animal food and ingredient facilities, which manufacture, process, pack, or hold such materials must register each facility as required by the bioterror act signed in 2002.

            A representative from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), which is advising their members on the registration requirements, confirmed aquaculture feed companies must also comply with the act.

            Following 2012, the first time re-registration was required, Food and Drug Association (FDA) informed AFIA that 2,000 animal food facilities did not re-register. It’s a prohibited act to operate a feed facility if the registration is not current.


            For more information and to register or renew, go to the FDA registration website.

— Erich Luening

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