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Garware Technical Fibres launches V4 impregnable fish nets 

August 31, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Garware Technical Fibres in Chile have launched The Star V4 polyethylene nets are that can be painted with traditional water-based antifouling paints. 

It maintains all the characteristics of the original raschel nets -knotless- Star, even under aggressive in-situ cleaning conditions. The loss of tensile strength is of the order of 15 per cent, compared to nylon which loses 40 per cent or more in four years. It has high resistance to abrasion in humid conditions, and incorporates anti-UV additives.

“Polyethylene with antifouling does not lose resistance over time, which provides great flexibility in the strategic process of cleaning the nets, since it is possible to migrate from impregnation to cleaning in-situ or vice versa with ease to deliver the better conditions for salmonids, complying with the new regulations required by the sectoral authority,” said Marcos Jofré, business associate at Garware Chile.

It should be noted that in-situ cleaning in Chile is still a complex activity in the aquaculture industry due to logistical aspectsfor which the majority of aquaculture companies prefer to use nets with antifouling, a situation different from the rest of the world where cleaning in-situ prevails, reducing the use of antifouling.


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