Aquaculture North America

Global Growth Strategies for BC Seafood, Aquaculture & Agrifood Products

May 17, 2014
By John Nickum

B.C. Government’s Ministry of International Trade in cooperation with the BC Shellfish Growers Association, the BC Salmon Farmers Association and the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, along with our presenters, invite you to attend a complimentary learning session on understanding Trade and Export strategies 

for BC Seafood on Thursday, June 19th 2014. This three hour session will be of interest to all members of BC Seafood and Agrifood industry looking to expand their markets and gain increased knowledge of the global demand for Seafood. By attending you will gain practical knowledge of the Provinces Trade and Export strategies and activities, learn about key shipping and transport considerations and how to work through key customs, tariffs and duty considerations.  Presenters will touch on the new Korean Canadian Trade Agreement, and the ways to engage in Ministry of International Trade’s efforts to expand and market the potential of the BC Seafood Industry.

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