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GreenWave launches regenerative ocean farming hub

April 12, 2022
By Maryam Farag

GreenWave announced it will launch a Regenerative Ocean Farming Hub, a suite of online training tools, community collaboration space and marketplace for seaweed farmers and hatchery technicians.

“We were sitting on an 8,000-person waiting list of people from the U.S. and 100 countries all over the world wanting to enroll in our training programs,” said Bren Smith, Co-Executive Director, GreenWave. “To meet the demand, we decided to invest heavily in online training and resources.”

Free for all users, the Hub includes interactive farm design tools, gear lists and budgets, how-to videos, and curriculum, all the nuts and bolts to launch and grow an ocean farm or hatchery.

Growers gain access to GreenWave’s Ocean Farming Community to connect with one another and leverage a national network of active farmers and hatchery mentors to innovate and solve technical questions and propel the emerging industry forward.


The Hub provides an array of resources for more experienced seaweed farmers. The Seaweed Source operates as a kelp exchange where buyers can source regionally. The Kelp Climate Fund pays farmers for positive climate impact, including blue carbon and nitrogen removal and habitat restoration. It is open to all farms in the U.S. producing over 5,000 lbs a year.

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