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Grieg Seafood BC uses camera sensors to collect real-time data

January 11, 2022
By ANA staff

Nine Optoscale cameras will be set in place at Grieg Seafood BC's farms. (Photo: Grieg Seafood AS)

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. entered in an agreement with Norway-based OptoScale to provide nine camera sensor units for its east and west coast locations in Vancouver Island, B.C. The units are said to provide real-time data regarding performance and growth of its salmon populations.

Rocky Boschman, managing director of Grieg Seafood BC, said the company started trialing the cameras at one of its farms last summer and they have been pleased with the accurate data it provides.

“By allowing us to measure the actual size of the fish the a 98 per cent accuracy, we can now use that information to determine if we are over or underfeeding our fish, something we had previously been able to calculate after the entire pen had been harvested,” said Boschman. “By feeding more efficiently, we will help reduce accidental overfeeding, lower our carbon footprint and help support the growth and performance of our fish.”

Two of the nine cameras will have a welfare module and a biomass module enabled to help determine the weight of the fish. All nine OptoScale cameras will be in place in early 2022 at nine Grieg farms.


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