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High Volume Oxygen launches new oxygen generator

May 9, 2023
By Maryam Farag

High Volume Oxygen has introduced a new oxygen generator that is modular and designed for critical applications.

The Pro Plus Oxygen Generating System is the company’s new product. It is designed to enable higher pressures and increases litres-per-minute (LPM) output while prioritizing ease of use and reliability. The system is cloud-enabled to provide monitoring and notification features that can be accessed on the company’s Seeing Eye web platform on any web browser.

The Pro Plus has a touchscreen display with real-time information, configured with wifi. When equipped with the new TITAN compressor, the tank can be pressurized up to 175 psi / 12 bar, and store as much as 3,600 litres of oxygen while providing flow rates of up to 280 LPM / 10 CFM / 17 m3/h.

Accompanying the Pro Plus, High Volume Oxygen has also launched the new 5-Outlet Smart Relay. This device remote controls a bank of oxygen concentrators and sends this data to the cloud. It is designed to energize individual outlets using a configurable delay to prevent breaker switches from being tripped. It also features an on-board audible alarm to signal amperage and temperature out-of-range conditions.

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