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iFarm able to sort out fish needing follow-up wellness check

May 25, 2022
By Liza Mayer

‘We have shown that it is possible to sort out swimming fish,’ says BioSort exec Photo: © katedemian / Adobe Stock

Cermaq’s groundbreaking iFarm technology has a new feature that sorts the fish swimming in a net pen and pinpoints which individual needs follow-up wellness check.

The sorting machine developed by tech firm Biosort will be able to sort and separate individual fish based on specific characteristics, using machine learning and artificial intelligence. The goal of sorting is to be able to take out fish that need adapted follow-up, and in that way ensure better health for the fish in the net pen.

“To my knowledge, no one has previously sorted swimming fish in a net pen before, so this is a big step towards individual-based handling of fish,” says Geir Stang Hauge, BioSort managing director.

Cermaq says that seeing the difference between fish is crucial for improving fish health and welfare in the net pens and will be a big step forward for increased survival in salmon farming.


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