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iFarm technology reaches crucial stage

March 9, 2021
By Liza Mayer

iFarm camera sensor being installed at the sea site Martnesvika in Nordland, Norway Photo: Cermaq

A technology that could revolutionize fish health management has reached a crucial stage that will determine how the project will proceed next.

Cermaq’s iFarm technology allows the individual monitoring of each salmon for factors such as growth, sea lice, disease, lesions and others aspects that affect fish health and welfare. The groundbreaking technology uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in identifying each fish in a net pen. Monitoring each fish individually means only the sick individual – rather than the whole stock – would be treated.

The salmon producer said the camera sensor that will monitor the fish has been put into sea cages, but how the fish would react to it is anybody’s guess. The interaction between the fish and the sensor system is crucial for the next phases of the project, said Cermaq.


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