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Invention a win for trout farms

November 12, 2019
By Liza Mayer

A rainbow trout farm in Washington State. A dispenser that offers farmers to apply peracetic acid to fish tanks and raceways without stopping the water flow won Alltech’s inaugural Inventor prize Credit: Liza Mayer

A program created to discover innovations by farmers has handed the inaugural prize to an invention aimed at the farmed trout industry.

The invention, a peracetic acid dispenser, won Alltech Coppens’ inaugural Inventor prize at the Aqua InDepth conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands in October.

The equipment offers farmers a measured and safe way to effectively make peracetic acid applications to fish tanks and raceways while also minimizing stress on the fish. Peracetic acid treats conditions such as gills diseases in intensive production of rainbow trout.

Tropic Ribarstvo, a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina, developed the device.

“Traditionally, the flow in the fish tank is stopped and the peracetic acid is manually applied to the water—this can cause additional stress on the fish and uneven distribution of the therapeutic. This invention is an extremely efficient method of treating fish in a way that ensures safe and stable dosing while minimising stress to fish stock during the process,” said the CEO of Alltech Coppens, Patrick Charlton.

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