Aquaculture North America

Investor searches for innovative fish-feed tech start-ups

May 15, 2017
By Erich Luening

Aquaculture investor David Tze, founder of Aquacopia Ventures, has launched a new fund targeting fish feed technology developers and start-ups.

         The Tze Venture Search Fund for Aquaculture Technology will focus on aquaculture feed technology development.

         “The important thing to understand about a search fund is that it transitions from an investment effort to, in essence, a company with investors,” the New York-based fund founder told Aquaculture North America (ANA). “In even one or two years, that transition should be accomplished, in that the fund will have become the major investor in a single aquaculture technology company and I will be in a full-time role on the management team of that company.”

         Tze’s new search fund will focus on innovation in the aquafeed ingredients sub-sector, seeking a single aquaculture technology to acquire, operate, and grow.


         After significant winnowing, Tze said he is evaluating four alternative proteins for aquaculture feeds. While he has not publicly identified them, the pool of ingredient technology prospects includes genetics, primary nutrient production, and value-added processing. One is a distressed patent portfolio, two are companies, and one is a solo inventor.

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