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Maximizing profits for shrimp farmers

December 11, 2018
By Tamar Atik

Shrimp and fish farmers and hatchery owners no longer need to rely on manual data entry to monitor their stocks and maximize profitability.

Canadian technology company XpertSea has introduced its XpertSea Growth Platform to help farmers understand what’s happening to their stocks, prevent diseases, ensure weight gain with an efficient conversion ratio and meet customer orders on time.

The new technology uses a platform called the XpertCount that uses optics, computer vision and machine learning to count, size, weigh and image aquatic organisms with a single button.

“The XpertSea Growth Platform is a new concept in aquaculture that has the potential to unlock significant yields for farmers. It replaces manual data entry with smart aquaculture equipment, artificial intelligence, and industry benchmarks,” said Valerie Robitaille, chief executive officer and co-founder of XpertSea. “Many farmers are still using their ‘best guess’ to decide when to harvest. With the XpertSea Growth Platform they can use reliable data and growth predictions to plan the best harvest date and maximize revenues. It’s all about making more with less.”

The platform is currently deployed in more than 250 sites in Ecuador, Mexico, the United Kingdom and Vietnam, among others.
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