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Modular short courses target specific aquaculture topics

December 15, 2016
By Matt Jones

As of September 2016, The Fish Site and the University of St Andrews are offering a new range of modular short courses for students wanting to target their aquaculture studies on a specific topic.  They are also suitable for anyone who wants to pace their learning across a number of years.

         Describing the courses, Neil Hazon, Course Director, said: “The University of St Andrews and The Fish Site are pleased to be able to offer students starting in September 2016 the possibility to study individual modules from our postgraduate courses on a ‘pay per module’ basis. This will allow students to concentrate on specific training requirements or aquaculture interests. Students will also have the option, if they wish, to join one of our postgraduate courses at a later date and gain the credits for the modules they have already completed successfully.”

For many students the option of studying in a modular way will be far more accessible.  Each of the modules on the Postgraduate Diploma will be offered from September in an individual modular format.  Some are 10 credit modules and others are 20 credits.  Students can opt to make up the credits to gain either a Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma by studying the required additional modules.         

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