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Morenot Canada offers complete package

December 9, 2020
By Morenot Canada

Brought to you by Morenot Canada

fixture for over 30 years in the industry, Morenot Canada Ltd (formerly Campbell River Netloft) has seen a lot of changes. Fully owned by an industry pioneer in Morenot Aquaculture of Norway since 1996, the company only just last year finally changed the name to reflect its inclusion in the Morenot Group of companies operating around the world.

This close connection allows Morenot Canada to offer all of the services available within the group globally, to their customers locally – from nets of all shapes and sizes to design and engineering services as well as mooring analysis, mooring supply and assembly and complete turnkey project management. One such project was the first large offshore rig built for Salmar Norway in 2016-17, where some of the crew from Morenot Canada provided assistance as well. Morenot oversaw this project from start to finish and still maintains the servicing requirements.

In addition to this, Morenot also offers “Aquacom®”, a web-based asset management and maintenance tracking software adapted to aquaculture and the whole production chain from hatchery, sea sites, vessels and processing plants, which helps more customers be more efficient in their daily operations. Aquacom also integrates with Netlog® for up-to-the-minute tracking and compilation of all net statistics and locations in a customer’s inventory.

The innovative minds at Morenot also came up with The FlexiLink® Mooring System. This proprietary Mooring System is the result of years of R&D in collaboration with the research organization Sintef and Norwegian fish farming companies. The system meets all the requirements of NS 9415 with tested and certified components.


This system consists of ropes combined with flexible fibre straps of 50–490-ton breaking load. This provides greater security and reduces the number of components in the mooring. The fibre straps exclude mechanical abrasion and reduces necessary inspection of the grid, which offers lower maintenance and lifetime costs. The pre-fabricated grid makes the installation simpler and quicker, typically down to a few hours compared to several days when using traditional steel hardware and components. Several of these systems are already in use in British Columbia.

Aside from this, Morenot Canada can also offer traditional mooring components from anchors and heavy chain through to heavy mooring ropes as well as shackles and thimbles and large buoys if required.

”With the 2019 acquisition of Hvalpsund, Morenot now offers the full range of moorings, nets and circular pens. The range of Hvalpsund pens is the perfect fit for Morenot’s patented Flexilink mooring system. The Hvalpsund pen does not only have the widest walking/working area of any two-pipe circle, it is also metal/corrosion-free and therefore fits perfectly together with the Flexilink mooring in being close to maintenance-free. The new HD500NG has unique safety features such as mooring points, weight suspension points and bird pole sockets being integrated into the bracket – which helps eliminate trip hazards. The 500NG was also developed with flexibility in mind and a variety of design features is available. All in all, this makes the Hvalpsund HD500NG pen (suitable for pen sizes ranging from 120m to 200m) one of the most versatile production platforms available in the market today,” the company said.

With all this to offer, Morenot Canada can be your complete supplier for most of your aquaculture equipment needs. They also maintain a ready, trained crew to supply your regular net service needs – from net washing and disinfection to repairs and alterations of your existing nets, to new builds of containment or predator nets, large or small. With a large inventory of new mesh ready to go, they can also quickly supply seines nets, corklines, dip-nets and most other specialty nets as required.

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