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Mowi wants branding efforts to benefit entire salmon industry

April 29, 2020
By Liza Mayer

Mowi’s branding initiative as part of the MOWI Pure brand rollout could elevate consumer trust in the salmon category Credit: Mowi

Mowi’s launch of its new global brand MOWI Pure in the U.S. in March is a branding exercise for the world’s largest salmon producer but the initiative could benefit the entire salmon industry by making salmon as “approachable” as other proteins.

“We’ve found that many U.S. consumers are far more worried about cooking fish properly than they are when preparing other proteins,” said Diana Dumet, Director of Marketing for Consumer Products at Mowi.

Amid growing demand for “convenience foods” Mowi wants consumers to see salmon just as convenient to prepare as meat and poultry products. It plans to educate consumers, teach them how to cook and enjoy salmon “so it’s ultimately more approachable,” said Dumet.

“With our long history in the industry, we believe we’re in a position to do more than just bring the best salmon in the world to the supermarket. We can bring it into their kitchens and onto their tables,” she added.


MOWI Pure branded products will also carry QR codes on the packaging which, when scanned, direct consumers to valuable information about origin, freshness and nutrition as well as cooking guides and recipes.

As part of the launch, “edu-tainment” are planned in partnerships with renowned chefs. A video series featuring recipes and tutorials are also in the works.

MOWI Pure products are now available to American consumers on Amazon Fresh, a grocery delivery service currently available in some US states. The products are always fresh and never frozen and come in a variety of cuts.

The global brand rollout follows the company’s rebranding in 2018. Formerly known as Marine Harvest, the company officially reverted to its original name (Mowi) in November.

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