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MSD has new app for vaccination audit

December 8, 2017
By Ruby Gonzalez

MSD says it has created a mobile solution for recording data from vaccination controls in the field. AquaVac Audit app allows customers to audit the vaccination event in a format that’s easily analyzed and provides greater insight on areas for improvement. MSD Animal Health’s aquaculture team developed it specifically for MSD customers.

A clip from MSD Animal Health's training video on vaccination. The company has just released an app called 'AquaVac Audit' for its customers

“As the app becomes more popular, we are confident that customers will save time and money as the information is automatically uploaded with reports produced at the touch of a button,” said Camilla MacDonald, Technical Manager at MSD Animal Health’s Aquaculture team in Scotland.

“All data will be saved on a cloud based server, which is maintained by our app partners and where site managers or fish health managers can access the information when they want.”

MSD is known as Merck Animal Health in the United States and Canada.


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