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Nanobubble systems enhanced with IoT capability

January 10, 2021
By Liza Mayer

A nanobubble tech provider has teamed up with an IoT technology specialist so it can equip its tools with the capability to monitor water quality and equipment remotely and in real time.

The company, California-based Moleaer, says this capability will be available on all of its nanobubble systems, starting with the second-generation, Clear nanobubble generator.

The Clear already provides an alternative to the traditional chemical (algaecides and alum) and aeration methods for water treatment against pathogens, bacteria, biofilms, and algae blooms. With the IoT capability, users of Clear will be able to monitor — 24/7 online and via mobile devices — equipment performance, power, and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water, it said. 

The technology provider it partnered with is AMI Global, a specialist in industrial IoT.


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