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New airlift pumps circulate water with no moving parts

November 12, 2014
By Tom Walker

AeroBoost™Airlift Pumps use air injection to circulate and aerate culture waters.

PR Aqua Supplies Ltd, based in British Columbia, Canada, recently released information on its new AeroBoost™ Airlift Pumps.

According to PR Aqua, AeroBoost Systems provide a low-cost, decentralized approach to water reuse for enhancement rearing and commercial aquaculture operations.

A company press release notes that, “AeroBoost Pumps can be integrated into new designs or easily installed into existing raceways or circular tanks. AeroBoost Systems have successfully reduced water and energy use by up to 75%, while maintaining water quality and fish health.”

Originally designed, built, and tested by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC (FFSBC) for use in their freshwater fish hatchery, PR Aqua is now licenced by FFSBC to make this technology available commercially.

The AeroBoost Pumps use air injection to circulate and aerate culture waters: “With no moving parts, noise, or vibration, the system has minimal impact to fish or handling operations,” notes PR Aqua. “Operations using the AeroBoost can sustain higher fish densities or reduce influent water consumption because the system maintains consistent oxygen levels throughout the rearing vessel. “

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Two Photos

Caption for either – AeroBoost Pump Installed in FFSBC Fish Facility

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