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New management software for oyster farms

May 22, 2018
By Liza Mayer

With help from a newly launched management software, oyster farmers can now access what’s happening throughout their operation at any time.

Jared Hulteen and Josh Eboch of South Carolina-based Barrier Island Oysters with the OysterTracker

OysterTracker helps growers centralize their records, optimize their productivity, and make better decisions for their farm. “We listened to farmers (many of whom are friends) who told us the challenges of managing a growing farm. Our solution is custom-built for their needs,” said OysterTracker CEO and co-founder Chip Terry.

The first version, launched in April, helps manage two key operational metrics — inventory and activities. “Revenue depends on knowing shellstock size, location, growth rates and mortality. OysterTracker makes it easy for us to know what we have now — and what we will have in the future,” said Andrew Speaker of Toogoodoo Oysters in South Carolina, one of OysterTracker’s first 15 clients across the US and Australia.

Labor tracking is another key feature, particularly since over 60 percent of the operating costs of most shellfish farms is labor. “The software keeps track of the key activities on a farm and makes sure that nothing is missed, increasing the efficiency of the team and reducing costs,” the company said.


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