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New online course on macroalgae

April 18, 2019
By Aquaculture North America Staff

The Algae Technology Education Consortium (ATEC) is offering a free Algal Culture Extension Short-course (ACES).

Part one covers macroalgae and is designed for those in commercial marine industries seeking to learn the basic skills to grow seaweeds. Marine Agronomy offers commercial fishermen, lobstermen, finfish and shellfish farmers the opportunity to grow seaweeds adding a second income stream to their endeavors.

The seaweed course is an online compendium of videos chosen and newly created to give a thorough initiation into the culture of various commercial seaweeds, including kelps, for those interested in getting started in algal-based aquaculture. The course includes a large number of videos produced by several New England Sea Grant programs, international content and guided PowerPoint presentations.

Additionally, newly created videos include: covering industry pioneers; history of wild harvesting and culturing macroalgae; seaweed products; longline setting; harvesting methods; drying techniques; conversations about peoples’ experiences in seaweed culture; and the permitting process. There are several longer webinars and PDF documents about algae culture that can be downloaded.

ACES is a free online curriculum that covers both the U.S. perspective as well as inclusion of seaweed culture around the world. This course includes 53 online videos and 17 publications.


Improve your skill set and techniques required for this industry. Register today!

Contact Ira Levine or Gef Flimlin for more information.

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