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New sea pen aeration and oxygen system from Pentair

June 25, 2015
By Tom Walker

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems has introduced the new Sea Pen Aeration and Oxygen System which according to the company is a flexible dissolved oxygen management platform geared to perform to the specific conditions of each site.  

The system has independently controlled diffusion pods that can be placed strategically throughout the pen at specific depths to compensate for conditions and optimize getting the diffused air or oxygen to the fish.

Coupled with controlling and monitoring equipment the Sea-Pen Aeration and Oxygenation System provides ongoing monitoring as well as allowing users to collect, manipulate or control their data locally via the touch-screen monitor and supports a range of activities such as triggering an alarm for an individual pen, cycling oxygen diffusers or sending an email/text message system alert warning to your smartphone.  

The system offers a host of features suited to specific customer requirements for continuous monitoring and control of water parameters. For more information see

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