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Nova Scotia native is new DFO minister

November 27, 2019
By Mari-Len De Guzman

Bernadette Jordan

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has appointed Nova Scotia’s Bernadette Jordan as the new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.

In an interview with Canadian news outlet the CBC, Jordan said fisheries and oceans are “near and dear to my heart.”

During her first four years in Ottawa, Jordan spent much of it as a member of the standing committee on fisheries and oceans. She chaired the committee during five of those 32 months, according to the CBC report.

The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) welcomed Jordan’s appointment expressing “enthusiasm to work together to realizing the opportunities for Canada through sector development.”


“Seafood farming is a key driver of economic growth in Canadian rural, coastal and indigenous communities, and is the fastest growing food production sector globally. We look forward to working to develop a strong partnership with Minister Jordan to help Canada’s aquaculture sector thrive,” said Timothy Kennedy, president and CEO of CAIA.

Jordan completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science at St. Francis Xavier University. Prior to entering politics, Minister Jordan was a development officer for the Health Services Foundation in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, where she spent eight years as part of a team raising millions of dollars for health care in the region. She has been involved in her community for years, holding positions such as president of the Atlantic Community Newspapers Association and Chair of the Earth Day Challenge Committee.

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1 Comment » for Nova Scotia native is new DFO minister
  1. Kathy Monroe says:

    Minister Jordan – I met you at Ross Farm when you were announcing high-speed Internet funding, but that’s another story. As the former corporate CEO of a tech firm in the US, I guarantee you that you have not taken the proper steps to solve this problem. As a former municipal councillor, I sat on the VCFN board and witnessed the unwillingness to rock a boat in order to achieve the results that the fine citizens of NS are owed. This is a fixable problem, but I don’t believe there is anyone with the courage necessary to see it to a successful conclusion. I would like to be proven wrong, but won’t hold my breath.

    Speaking of the lack of courage…and ethics, how about that damned causeway in Windsor? Why are you not stepping forward to insist that this monstrosity be removed, as are all other similar structures around the world? I was told by a former minister that when changes needed to be made to this structure, it would require the return of fish passage to this vital river. Gerry Regan thought he was doing the right thing when he had it created fifty years ago, but he was wrong. He sacrificed a river for fiscal gain. And now, in a year when we finally see fish passage to the upriver side of this causeway, there are political decisions being made that create fish kill to those valuable fish that have made it past that monstrous, outdated structure. To allow the salt water to pass the causeway and then to urge the power company to halt the flow from their dam is unfathomable! I plead that you take care of those of us who are in your back yard and come forward to take a stand on the value of a free flowing river now that the expansion of the 101 is forcing a decision. This is a hundred year solution…it MUST be the right one and any human interference in the flow of this river is unacceptable, for humans have made a real mess of this for the last fifty years. YOU can make a difference. Please consider doing so!

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