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Phibro acquires vaccines manufacturer

Phibro Animal Health Corp has acquired the assets of KoVax Ltd, an Israel-based developer and manufacturer of vaccines for the global aquaculture market.

March 6, 2019
By Liza Mayer

The acquisition strengthens Phibro’s position in fish vaccine innovation and expands its portfolio of aquaculture products.

KoVax’s research and development team has joined Phibro’s biological R&D team, and will focus on developing a pipeline of innovative vaccines for the aquaculture market.

Phibro’s first commercial aquaculture vaccine is KoVax’s “KV3” vaccine, which helps prevent Koi Herpes Virus, a highly contagious disease that can cause significant mortality in common carp farms.


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  1. Dave Singh says:

    Sir. / Ms.

    I have designed a major Aquaculture project and am searching for financing. The financier will hold the entire project or a joint venture with the investor 80 to 85% equity.

    If this Company was in operation today I would not be able to supply all the orders than comes in daily It was advertised worldwide about 3 years ago, hoping to secure financing and was also listed in the Aquaculture magazine in Europe. Most Aquaculture projects worldwide are not certified but this one will be. I have the orders as proof from Europe Asia and the Middle East.

    I am seeking financing for a mega Aquaculture Project ( Pacific white Shrimp). The timing is perfect for this project

    1, In October our Finance Minister delivered Trinidad and Tobago budget for the period 2019 / 2020. This budget
    created history. To boost Agriculture ( which includes Goats, sheep, cow, chicken fish farming, shrimp farming
    because it all falls under the ( Ministry of Agriculture Land and Fisheries ) will NOW BE TAX-FREE.

    All imported material and pieces of equipment that are not made in Trinidad and Tobago will also enter the Country TAX – FREE.
    NO Custom duties, NO value add tax duties Plus NO Company taxes for 10 years. Sir, you can view the Trinidad and Tobago budget
    on the internet ( TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO BUDGET FOR 2019 / 2020 ).

    2, The local exporters of manufactured items will continue to enjoy duty – free entry of their products into the United States with the extension of the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) waiver of the US Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act ( CBERA), the Ministry of Trade and Industry announced yesterday.

    The Ministry said that the WTO waiver for the Act, which was implemented since 1984 was scheduled to conclude on December 31st, 2019 but has now been extended to December 2025. This was agreed to at the General Council Meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland on Tuesday. Trinidad and Tobago and Permanent Representative to the United Nation and the WTO Makeda Antoine – Cambridge representative T&T at the meeting.

    Goods covered under the arrangement includes meat, fish, shrimp, dairy produce, fruits and vegetables, chocolates, juices, alcoholic beverages, other
    agro-processed products, chemical, and pharmaceutical products and energy products. according to the Minister of Trade and Industry, Ms. Paula Gopee – Scoon The Government of Trinidad and Tobago had continuously lobbied for the renewal of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act ( CBERA ) an extension of the Caribbean Basin Initiative which will benefit a significant number of local businesses. The United States is recorded as the primary destination for Trinidad and Tobago exports.

    I wish this project could start knowing its duty-free into America.

    The feasibility study was done by Mr. Granvil Treece who visited Trinidad and Tobago ( Trinidad )for 4 days and selected
    the site location. Because of its water quality and the temperature, it is perfect for Shrimp farming ( Pacific White ) throughout the year.
    Mr. Treece is in the top 5 Aquaculture Specialest in the world and the author of many Aquaculture texts. ( Water quality was tested by Twinning Laboratories of Southern California Inc, Long Beach, California, USA.

    Some of Mr. Treece’s experience and qualifications.
    Treece, G.D.and Yates, M.E. 2000. Laboratory Manual for the Culture of Penaeid Shrimp Larvae. TAMU–88- 202(R). Available on National Sea Grant Library web site.
    Treece, G.D., 1999, Shrimp Maturation and Spawning. In Proceedings of the 28th US-Japan Natural Resources Aquaculture Panel. UJNR Technical Report No. 28.
    Treece, G.D.and Fox, J.M.,1993. Design, Operation, and Training Manual for an Intensive Culture Shrimp Hatchery (with emphasis on Penaeus monodon and L. vannamei). TAMU-SG93-505. 187pp. Available on National Sea Grant Library web site.
    Since 1978 have worked as a consultant in the mariculture and aquaculture industries in a number of countries including Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Belize, Bahamas, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Trinidad, Guyana, Costa Rica, Panama, Africa (Tanzania, Ghana, Pemba, and Zanzibar), India, Italy, Spain, China, and Taiwan. Worked with USDA, FAS, and USAID on a variety of projects in Nicaragua, Honduras, and the US. Conducted the Texas Shrimp Farming and Marine Finfish Culture Short Course annually in Texas from 1986 to 2012.
    2014 – 2015. Received a $ 300,000 grant from the National Sea Grant College program to produce a ” how-to ” manual on superintensive shrimp culture using biofloc. A free-of-charge, half-day workshop was conducted, sponsored by NOAA and coordinated by Dr. Tzachi Samocha of TAMU and Granvil Treece of Treece & Associates, Washington USA. The workshop describes the design, operation and commercialization aspect of Texas Agrilife Research super-intensive indoor shrimp biofloc system. The workshop included presentations by Treece and Samocha, Hanson of Auburn on the economics; Leffler of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources on heavy metal and ionic changes in biofloc dominated system: and Morris of Bowers Shrimp Farm, Palacios, Texas on results from indoor 1,250 m2 nursery used on a commercial farm. Presentations can be viewed at the Texas Aquaculture Association web.
    Bin Abdullah Bin Saud’s title was ” Shrimp Market Analysis. Treece & Associates did the Shrimp Market Analysis, Feasibility study and Aquaculture /Terrestrial, Aquaculture / Aquaponic Business Plan for the ( H.R.H. Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Saud, Riyadh, Kingdom, of Saudi Arabia and Engr. Rajit J. Patel Mr. International Inc, # 12009 Ellesmere Drive, Tampa, Florida, 33624, USA.
    Saudi Arabia is the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that has an Aquaculture Shrimp farm in the dessert on the bank of the Dead Sea and is a major exporter. ( Shrimp farming Saudi Arabia can be view on the internet ).
    Mr. Treece visited Trinidad and stayed for 4 days and did my site selection and feasibility and stayed at my home as a guess.
    Mr. Jorge Lango will be the General Manager and will also bring with him all the department heads. My proposed General Manager
    was recommended by Mr. Lorenzo Juarez, NOAA Aquaculture Department, the former President of the World Aquaculture Society,
    former General Manager of SIS ( Shrimp improvement system, USA ).

    Mr. Lango experience and qualification :
    Design and consulting in Operational Management and production procedures of a super-intensive shrimp closed RASfor Puerto Madero, Venezuela, and Akvatech, Mexico.
    External consultant for Pescanova Group Camanica, Nicaragua.
    Design a shrimp closed recirculating system for Decapoda, Prague, Czech Republic.
    Responsible consultant for the feed and bacterial management in Aculcola intensive closed shrimp raceway, Sonora, Mexico.
    Main consultant for the Conemah Corporation & Swiss Contact Foundation, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.
    Director of Operation, Marvesta Shrimp farm, Maryland, USA.
    Vice- President of Production, Natural Shrimp International, Texas, USA.
    Broadstock Manager, (SIS) Shrimp Improvement System, Florida, USA
    Has his own Consultancy Company. ( Integral Aquaculture Service ).
    Worked in USA, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, Mexico, Thailand & China.
    The proposed Company will have its own feed mill, hatchery, lined grow-out ponds, ( 200 ft. L X 30 ft. W X 5 ft. H ). Processing plant,
    IQF, and large cold storage. Production will start within 12 months after starting construction with full production within 24 months. At
    full production, the Company will be exporting at least 3 refrigerated containers daily Monday to Friday with Saturday production being
    stored. Will be producing 21 / 26 count white shrimp ( 2 harvests annually ) with smaller size 3 harvests. At full production, this company will be among the top 15 shrimp exporter in the world based on the published report in 2019 for 2018. ( The last 3 countries
    among the group of 15 countries exported less than $ 190 million US annually. At full production, within 3 years I am almost certain Trinidad and Tobago will be included in the top 15 Countries.

    The entire land area is flat, electricity, telephone, internet and freshwater on-site. Good roads, 30 minutes drive from the site to the highway and another one hour drive to the shipping port.

    The area and seawater are influenced by the large river delta region of the Orinoco, one of the largest rivers in the world that joins the Atlantic Ocean to the South. The Orinoco and rivers to the South, lower the salinity of the Atlantic and adds essential nutrients to the Ocean, which in turn provide good marine shrimp habitat. On both side of the borders Trinidad and Venezuela it is virgin land with no Residential, Industrial or Commercial developments.

    .Thank you for your time and I await your reply.


    Dave Singh.

    Cell: 1 868 7300830
    Registered Company in Trinidad and Tobago:
    Kairi Aquaculture Enterprise Ltd.
    ( Computer ID No 1367683 & Company No K. 1775 (95)
    Registrar General Office 05 /12 / 2008.

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