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Rigid Sapphire X18 sea lion net for vertical drop design

April 4, 2023
By Maryam Farag

Garware Fibres has released Sapphire X18 seal net, used for the design of vertical drop seals, implying a decrease in diving man-hours, and is appropriate for the periods of sowing, harvesting and changes of nets.

“It emerged as a specific development for a local customer requirement and now our customers in general are already testing it; it works well, some have even migrated to this rigid wall solution, noting good operational results in the farming centers,” said Marcos Jofré, business associate at Garware Technical Fibres Chile.

According to Garware Fibres, Sapphire X18 is easy to install and uninstall, presenting less breakage, damage and deformation, its depth and width are adaptable to the characteristics of any cultivation center, with higher abrasion resistance, optimal for exposed cores and significantly more economical in its class. After uninstallation, it keeps its shape and it is easier to service it at the nets workshop.

It allows the boats to approach with less danger of breaking and with a reduction in diving hours, which entails the reduction of associated risks and without danger to ships.


“When a sea lion nets is opened or released, for example, for planting, harvesting, treatments, handling or changing nets, that is when the sea lions takes the opportunity to hook, whereas the Sapphire X18 net protects better,” said Jofré. “Also, fewer turnbuckles are used in rigid designs, approximately 50 per cent less. After the incubation and development of this solution, it was put into operation and some clients are already in their second cycle.”

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