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ScaleAQ launches net cleaning solution

October 28, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Aquaculture nets supplier ScaleAQ has partnered with MEOX to provide net cleaning solutions to its customers.

MEOX net cleaners use cavitation washing technology to remain gentle on the net’s coating and net line, but effective. The cleaners are designed to create millions of tiny air bubbles in the water flow to create a high-pressure jet that is “softer” than a pure jet of water. This cavitation technology also means that it will demand less water (about one-third less) and energy than convention cleaning techniques.

The company cites a Sintef research project from 2015-2019 that found that cavitation washing at a full 200 bar was found to have no impact after a single wash and to have stripped away only two to nine per cent of the impregnation after repeat washes.

“We believe that cavitation cleaning will be important for our CAS (closed aquaculture systems) investments,” said Audun Fjeldvær, vice-president of Product Solutions at ScaleAQ. “Development and testing of specialized washing rigs for closed facilities at sea and on land is already well underway. It’s not only nets that require gentle treatment; damage to tanks and tarpaulins can quickly become expensive. Therefore, we are convinced that the cavitation cleaning technology will be important here as well in the future.”

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