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Sea Pact ready to fund transformative projects

Financial support for projects that improve fishing and farming systems globally is available from Sea Pact, an innovative alliance of seafood industry leaders.

The group said projects that are in line with Sea Pact’s mission and fall within the following 12 broad categories are prime for consideration:

Gear or Farm Improvements
Species Research and Data Collection
Research to Improve Farming Practices
Fisheries Management
Regional Aquaculture Management
Fishery Habitat Restoration
Wild Stock Enhancement
Fisheries Conservation
Fisheries Improvement Projects
Aquaculture Improvement Projects

“Preferential consideration” will also be given to projects in the areas of:

•    social responsibility
•    aquaculture
•    fisheries management
•    traceability
•    special species of interest: squid
•    special regional area of interest: Great Lakes freshwater fisheries

Initial Letters of Interest from those who want to apply for funding are due by 20 August 2018. Select organizations will be asked to submit full project proposals around mid-September, with Sea Pact aiming to announce its grant recipients in late 2018.

Application guidelines can be found here.