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Share Her Story: Caring for yourself makes growing fish easier

March 25, 2022
By Maryam Farag

Meet Holly Kennedy, Team Lead, AquaBounty, sharing her journey of working in the aquaculture industry.

Photo: Holly Kennedy, Team Lead, AquaBounty.

Holly Kennedy’s passion for aquaculture began as an aquarist, where she would provide husbandry to the fish and educate the public on the importance of conservation.

As she shifted from education to the production of sustainable seafood, she took what she knew of maintaining optimal environmental conditions for fish and combined it with fish and feed management.

As AquaBounty Farms Indiana’s Nursery Team Lead, Kennedy helps manage fish health and performance as well as continuing to elevate production in the Nursery Unit. She was promoted to the Nursery Team Lead at AquaBounty Farms Indiana in 2021. She leads a small team that takes care of the most sensitive life stages (eggs through juveniles).

Understanding that small improvements in early rearing can generate large gains in downstream production, Kennedy holds the commitment of continuous improvement and innovation close to heart. Her drive to continue to improve production processes as well as provide robust staff training is visible within the unit and the performance of the fish.


“Remember to take care of yourself so that your mind and body can function at the top of its game, which will make it easier to care for and grow your fish as well as handle any task, physical or mental, that comes your way,” said Kennedy, when asked to share advice with fellow women in aquaculture. “This job can be mentally and physically challenging, and by being prepared for this you can set yourself up for success.”

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