New hi-tech option for sorting oysters

Tom Walker
November 12, 2014
By Tom Walker

Manufacturing company Oystek has developed a hi-tech 3D oyster grader which is now available to the international oyster industry. The “G5” grader uses three-dimensional technology to measure the oysters - and retain the data - before delivering each oyster down one of eight grading chutes.

The predecessor of the G5 was successfully sold in the United States and Australia. “The G5 is a huge upgrade of the previous model,’’ Peter Johannsen, Oystek owner said. “It provides a very simple and affordable option for oyster growers to sort their product. It can grade more than five oysters per second using line scan cameras. It also keeps record of the number of oysters sorted”.

As the oysters fall they pass through a custom-made four line, scan camera array and an electronic detector that measures their speed.  The four images are analysed by software, generating a 3D model to determine the length, width, thickness, shape and volume of each oyster. From there the oysters are directed into one of eight output tubes.

Retaining the data is an extremely important aspect of the G5, he said. “This allows growers to monitor and compare their growing, processing and handling methods and achieve best practice outcomes.’’ For more information visit

— Joy Wade

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