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SmartEye Precision HD

July 12, 2023
By Aquaculture North America

AKVA group has launched a SmartEye Precision HD is an advanced double feeding and inspection camera in HD. The highly light-sensitive camera delivers crisp underwater video images even when filming down into deep and dark pens using autofocus, zoom, adaptive noise reduction, auto-adjusted color balance, and a high-quality lens.

The camera is an integral part of the new control system AKVA connect 4.0 and can be controlled via a web browser through a wireless video transmission. User experience and simplification of the fish farmer´s tasks is key. The pan/tilt functionality provides 360-degree motion for a full overview and the camera comes with built-in depth and temperature sensors. Combined with one of our winch systems, the SmartEye Precision HD provides excellent insight into the feeding response and the condition of the fish.

Key features

• A high-quality lens and HD provides excellent video images even in deep and dark pens


• Integration with AKVA connect 4.0 provides a full overview on monitor

• 360 degrees motion with zoom and autofocus

• Gyro stabilizer

• Easy to use via web browser

• No external moving parts – prevents leaks and reduces the need for service

• Integrated depth and temperature sensor

• Reusable camera housing

• Auto-adjusted color balance

• Adaptive noise reduction

• Day/night function

• Robust and waterproof connection cable

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