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Storage solution for North American shellfish growers

September 7, 2020
By Liza Mayer

DWS352 liter multi-purpose wet storage container from Sæplast Photo: @ Noradoa / Adobe Stock

A specialist in producing insulated plastic containers and tubs has launched a wet storage container solution designed for North American shellfish growers.

Sæplast Americas’ DWS352 liter multi-purpose wet storage container is used for storing and purifying live oysters, clams and mussels.

“The needs of the oyster grower who drove this project spoke to needing a low profile container that can could used in three aspects of his environment: on board the harvest vessel/barge; in transportation; and within his plant,” says Mike Kilpatrick, manager, Business Development.

“The container is outfitted with safe lifting corners and a lid, and can be easily stacked four-high within the plant, thus saving floor space. The low profile of the container along with the corner water-flow channels ensure an even flow of water, resulting in excellent oxygenation of the live animals,” he says.


The container’s 48” x 48” size means it fits the standard North American building measure of increments of 1 foot. “As most buildings, rooms, etc, are built in 1-foot increments, the container maximizes floor space in storage areas, in processing lines and in trucking,” he added.

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