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There’s more to aquaculture than fish

May 20, 2020
By Lynn Fantom

Mowi’s Dr Diane Morrison discusses how corporate culture impacts employees

Dr Diane Morrison, Managing Director, Mowi Canada West

“I like fish”—or animals, fashion, art, numbers. That’s the way a lot of career discussions start. But, genuine work satisfaction results when employees feel they have a personal impact on a company that is doing something meaningful, experts say.

Dr Diane Morrison believes aquaculture is that kind of workplace today. A veterinarian by profession who has always loved animals, she now leads Mowi Canada West as managing director.

“There is so much opportunity for continual improvement in our industry,” she says. She invokes her teams to keep thinking and reading; “to keep looking for answers that will drive industry change.”

Innovation can occur in many areas within aquaculture, not only fish biology and engineering, but also data science, logistics, business administration, and community relations.


In fact, at Mowi, employees are encouraged to contribute in different roles throughout their careers at the company. That attitude toward both lateral and upward movement does not exist everywhere, but is particularly welcome among millennials who have strong ideas and want to test them out.

Young people also bristle at a “command and control” corporate style and are looking for innovative leadership that’s open to their input. How does a leader make that happen? “Mine is a strategic role, and I have a strong respect for the democratic process,” says Morrison. “With my senior team, I see myself as helping set the path and then letting them go. You really need a full team.”

“I love people and thinking about how to motivate them,” she adds.

She herself finds inspiration in a role model, who has since retired. Her teams are likewise inspiring, she says, making special mention of a fish site manager who is “a positive force.” “The joy of working in this industry is the people,” she says.

Ultimately, of course, aquaculture gives people the opportunity to contribute to a higher purpose: to feed the future. Morrison calls on younger people to join the Blue Revolution. “They can forge careers here and make a difference,” she says.


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