Aquaculture North America

Voices of Aquaculture — Neil Sims

April 13, 2015
By Ruby Gonzalez

The Aquaculture Communications Group (ACG) has launched a project to capture the experience of veteran industry members in their own words.

An interview with  total of nineteen industry veterans with a wide range of personal experiences in different parts of the world were interviewed during Aquaculture America 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Each was asked four questions: 1) what attracted you to aquaculture, 2) what kept you interested (some would say addicted), 3) what significant developments have you participated in or observed, and 4) what do you think about the future of aquaculture as we move into the 21st century.

This interview with Neil Sims is the first interview to be uploaded to Aquaculture North America’s website. The second, with Myron Roth,  Industry Specialist for Aquaculture and Seafood, BC Ministry of Agriculture may be viewed by clicking here.

You can help this project to succeed and ensure that the valuable knowledge and experience of aquaculture industry veterans is preserved for the future by becoming a sponsor. Please click  here for more information or contact Tor-Eddie Fossbakk, Senior Consultant, Founding Partner, The Aquaculture Communications Group, LLC, 47218 Manhattan Circle, Novi, MI 48374 USA E-mail:; Web:

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