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Western Canada’s aquaculture certificate program

June 28, 2022
By Liza Mayer

Brought to you by University of British Columbia (UBC)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver houses Western Canada’s only graduate-level aquaculture program. In one semester (four-months), students are ready to enter the aquaculture industry, with a foundational understanding of current trends and emerging technologies. 

UBC’s Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture program is now accepting applications for fall 2022. The program will be offered in a hybrid model (both online and in-person), with industry site visits. Taught by professionals in fish health, seafood processing, production systems and ecological sustainability, this certificate program is perfect for students who want to gain career-ready skills.

“The global rapid increase in aquaculture production has been driven by increasing demand for seafood, the stagnation of wild fisheries, and the efficiencies of aquaculture compared to the farming of other animals” says Justin Henry, a 25-year aquaculture veteran who will be teaching the Aquaculture Production Systems course. “Along with this growth, is a greater need for well-trained professionals who can eventually lead the field in terms of technology, sustainability and innovation.”

British Columbia has more aquaculture production than any other province in Canada, with farmed salmon as B.C.’s largest agricultural export.  UBC’s location gives its aquaculture students access to the local industry. To enhance student learning, visits (virtual or in-person) to commercial aquaculture production facilities that raise salmon and other finfish are part of the curriculum, as are tours to health and research institutes, feed manufacturing plant, and seafood processing facilities.

The Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture program includes seven courses:

  •   Aquaculture Production Systems
  •   Fish Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding
  •   Fish Health
  •   Finfish Genetics and Reproduction in Aquaculture
  • Ecological Sustainability of Aquaculture
  •   Business Concepts in Aquaculture
  •   Seafood Processing

“We aim to help expand the pool of well-trained professionals by producing graduates whose learning is grounded in science and who are passionate about sustainability and healthy food production,” said Henry.

More details about UBC’s Graduate Certificate in Aquaculture can be found at or requested by emailing

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