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Whooshh go the fish….

March 26, 2015
By Muriel Hendrix

Whooshh Innovations, Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, USA  produces a novel system for moving fish over dams, around fish hatcheries, processing plants and  fish farms, etc. that appears much more versatile than traditional systems used in the industry.

The system is based upon patented technology which uses a pressure differential to push an object – fish in this case – through a long flexible conduit.

According to Whooshh, fish can be transported hundreds of feet in the tube where they move not in water, but in air.   The tube can be used to lift fish 100 or more feet in height and has a capacity of about 40 fish per minute.


The company manufacturers a range of Whooshh tube sizes, which can accommodate fish from 1kg to 15kg, and will transport the fish with apparently little or no damage to scales or eyes.

         The best way to see the Whoosh in action is on the company’s web site which has numerous examples of what’s become widely known as the “salmon cannon”.  Go to to see more videos.

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