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ASC participate in huge barbecue event as part of promotional campaign

August 30, 2023
By Matt Jones

A rep for the Aquaculture Stewardship Council hands out samples of seafood at the 31 National Capital BBQ Battle. Photo by Andrew Sample

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) teamed with Laguna Blanca Salmon to participate in a massive food and music festival in Washington, DC, this year. The 31 annual National Capital BBQ Battle took place in late June, where reps for the ASC handed out more than 20,000 samples of delicious salmon delicacies as attendees grooved to the sounds of DJ Jazzy Jeff.

“We are running a multi-year campaign to increase awareness, understanding and demand for ASC certification and understanding of the label across the board for consumers, influencers, shoppers, retailers and other companies who may not be as familiar,” said Athena Davis, the ASC’s North American Marketing Manager. “In doing that, we’re also working really hard to engage through the campaign with brands who do have ASC certification or companies that work with ASC certified seafood.”

The samples given out included a grilled salmon shawarma with spiced tomato jam and a black garlic and whiskey shoyo lacquered salmon. Davis says that they have chosen three cities per year to target with the campaign, which could include anything from restaurant events to larger media events – of which the BBQ battle checked all the boxes. The ASC manned a booth at the event, where they prepared and handed out the samples, along with swag and encouraged people to learn more about their work. The ASC measure the success of these events through how many people they spoke with, how many samples were served and local media coverage.

“I’d say we definitely hit all of the KPI’s and probably exceeded them in this case,” said Davis. “It was a great event.”


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