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SEAPA USA helping farmers grow better oysters for 25 years

March 2, 2023

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In 2023, SEAPA marks twenty-five years of helping farmers grow better oysters, faster, by developing more user-friendly and effective systems.

SEAPA’s farming systems are used worldwide, with great success. With the connections and knowledge gained over the last twenty-five years, SEAPA has become a trusted advisor, partner, and supplier of cost-effective oyster farming equipment to some of the most respected American and international oyster farms.

SEAPA takes great pride in the close relationships it has built with US and international farmers. These relationships taught SEAPA the best way to design, develop and supply products that create real benefits for the shellfish farming community. 

Oyster farmers always think about environmental sustainability, which is why SEAPA does not rely on single-use plastics and prioritizes using recyclable materials. Further, attachment systems which are the most durable available to the industry minimize the risk of plastic components detaching to become marine pollution. 


A unique oval shape and SEAPA’s labor-saving features attracted the interest of North American oyster farmers more than 20 years ago. SEAPA continues to cultivate deep relationships with oyster farmers to understand their needs and support them in growing top-quality shellfish.

There are four primary deployment systems for SEAPA baskets; Adjustable Longline System (ALS), fixed intertidal racking, subtidal, and surface floating, but the ALS is the most popular in the US.

The ALS system is undoubtedly the most efficient farming method in intertidal waters and limits  environmental impacts by getting farming gear off the sea floor with secure and simple attachment methods. Oyster baskets are suspended from cable running between posts that have been driven into the sea floor stretching over a length of 300 ft. 

Regularly exposing oysters to the air as the tide recedes forces the oysters to close, developing their adductor muscle, reducing biofouling, and preventing parasites such as mud worms and boring sponges. Additionally, baskets encourage regular tumbling from wind and wave action, ensuring deep cups and strong shells for easy shucking and premium pricing to the half-shell market.

ALS systems have been successfully installed around the coastline of North America and have proven resilient in exposure to heat, ice, hurricanes, and the countless other challenges seen on an oyster farm. ALS infrastructure can be customized to find a solution for any farmers’ intertidal area.

One innovation that sets ALS apart from other forms of intertidal systems is the riser post clips which allow easy line height adjustment to ensure the oysters always get the right amount of feed, rumbling, and exposure time.

SEAPA’s flexible range of products can be adapted to suit all oyster farms with mesh sizes from 3mm to 20mm and 15-liter, 20-liter, or 25-liter volumes available. SEAPA’s 1mm and 1.6mm spat liners are particularly useful for farmers seeking to save money by buying smaller seed or desire flexible nursery capacity.

All SEAPA baskets are quick and easy to assemble, adaptable to multiple farming systems, and made with extremely strong and durable materials.

“We are constantly talking about and making improvements in our gear and product offerings to help farmers maximize their efficiencies on the farms,”  said West Coast Sales manager Erik Schlagenhauf.

Key to SEAPA’s success is the fact it controls the complete production process from product design, tooling development, molding, logistics and distribution in it’s own factory. Complete ownership of the production process is why SEAPA has an unparalleled ability to develop tools which solve farmers’ most challenging issues.

SEAPA’s long-term association with prominent American oyster farmers like Hog Island Oyster Company on the West Coast and N SEA Oyster Company on the East Coast, and Murder Point Oyster on the Gulf Coast are just a few high-level oyster producers who have collaborated with SEAPA to help improve farming equipment.

SEAPA offers after sales service and stocks all parts of the farming system in America for easy delivery to parts of the country. 

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